Major release announcement of version v1.0 of Nodebeats, an Open Source Content Management System built using MEAN

  • Hi everybody, We made a Content Management system using MEAN Framework and we are very pleased to present you a Major release version v1.0 of Nodebeats, the Content Management System built using MEAN Framework.

    This release includes the angular-cli implemenation to make building angular code extremely easy and fast, responsive html template integration using handlebars, database backup restore feature and reduce the number of files by significant amount, by code clean up and project directory structure changes. In the next major release version, we aim to introduce install setup wizard and some other features to make Nodebeats even more flexible and easy to use and also we will create and deploy the docker image of Nodbeats in docker hub so that you won't have go through the hassles of configuring the deployment environment.

    To know more, Go to for official website and for github repository. If you want to check out the demo application, then go to

    Please do give us your suggestions and support.

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    You did well! 👍 Hopefully it will be useful to the community 🙂
    Thank you all !

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