[Holoscribe] Web Developer (Full stack) - Virtual Reality - Salary >= 1500$

  • About Holoscribe:
    Holoscribe is a startup on its way to becoming one of the leading inventors of virtual reality and augmented reality products and services – and we need developers to come with us. Holoscribe is founded by the same serial entrepreneurs who developed Shorthand.com – a successful, global startup used by the biggest brands in media, including the BBC, The Guardian, ESPN, Hearst Magazines, Haymarket and more.
    Our vision is to enable content-makers the tools to create and share their existing web content via virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, without needing developers.
    We are looking for talented, highly motivated and proactive Web Developers, with an appetite for startups, to expand our team in Hanoi, Vietnam, and bring our products to new countries and cultures. Your work will have a direct impact on our success and will help create amazing experiences.

    These statements should describe you:

    • Strong Web Development experience with frontend technologies, including:
    • Advanced HTML5, CSS3, LESS and vanilla Javascript
    • Core JS with both ES5 and ES6
    • Frameworks such as Backbone, Angular, React or Vue
    • Deep understanding of HTML DOM
    • Experience optimising front-end performance
    • Strong experience with backend web development technologies and backend REST API, such as Node.js services / frameworks and APIs
    • Experience integrating with both SQL and NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB) databases
    • Experience with development tools such as Babel, Webpack, Gulp and Grunt
    • Good problem solving skills and experience working with algorithms, Object-oriented programming and various design patterns
    • Passionate about delivering great user experiences
    • Openness to learn and apply new technologies and skills
    • A good understanding of basic 2D and 3D geometry
    • Have some cool projects you’ve built that you’d love to showcase during the interview
    • Fluent in spoken and written English

    These will be your responsibilities:

    • Contribute to building exciting and high-quality leading edge augmented reality web applications
    • Develop features and write well structured and formatted code
    • Conduct focused rapid prototype/experiments to answer the viability of proposed web based augmented reality concepts/assumptions
    • Work closely with our founders, product management and design teams
    • Rapidly solve problems and fix bugs
    • Contribute to estimation and planning
    • Contribute to technology selection and design decisions
    • Create automated tests (where required)
    • Perform system and integration testing (where required)
    • Perform manual device and browser testing (when required)
    • Provide technical support of environments.
    • Report on performance and outcomes, when requested
    • Any other duties we may assign to you, having regard to your skills, training and experience

    It’s an advantage if you have experience with any of the following:

    • Augmented or virtual reality development frameworks, such as WebVR API, Three.js and 3D JS library
    • WebRTC development and specifically the GetUserMedia API
    • Cloud based deployment, AWS and Heroku
    • Continuous Integration tools, CodeShip and Circle CI
    • Can demonstrate the ability to build multiple prototypes quickly
    • Desire to invent and work with the latest technologies
    • Love to create disruptive technologies that deliver new experiences
    • Have a BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent
      Please send your application and CV to [email protected]

    More about working with Holoscribe
    We strive to create an awesome creative and collaborative working environment. We value and look after our team and live a "work hard, play hard" mantra. If you agree with 3 or more of our values (below), then you’ll be a great addition to our team:

    • Less is more
    • Logical, goal directed design decisions
    • Simplicity through iteration
    • Lean startup methodology
    • A balance between agile and design
    • Small teams are awesome

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